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Tools > Hand Tools > Hex Wrench Sets
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Item #BH-10937: .Shop quality S.A.E. set for servicing American made equipment, bikes, and after-market components. Stores in yellow "Bondhex" block holder. S.A.E. .05 to 3/8"

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ZOOM QUILL STEM 1 1-4' 150mm UNO THRDLS 28.6x120x25.4mm HB 25º Black FSA 1 1-8' STEM 120mm 0º FR CLOSEOUT 130º GUIDE PIPE with BARREL ADJUSTER UNO THRDLS 28.6x105x25.4mm HB 25º Silver UNO QUILL 22.2x90mm 25.4 HB 20º Silver TOP & BOTTOM CUTTER, Cane Creek TOP & BOTTOM GUIDE, Cane Creek FSA OS150 STEM 31.8 x 130mm CLOSEOUT UNO THRDLS 28.6x105x25.4 HB Black QUILL STEM 25.4x90mm 25.4 *** Black AHEADSET INTEGRATED HS 1 1-8 BLACK THRDLESS 28.6x110 0º for26mm BAR  Silver THRDLESS 28.6x120 0º for26mm BAR Silver HANGER 1 1-8 w- Noodle, Black Alloy ADJUST STEM 25.4x90mm, 25.4 BAR Silver ADJUST STEM 28.6x110mm, 25.4 BAR Silver GENERATOR LIGHTING SYSTEM CAN HANDLER SPRAY CAN TRIGGER GRIP SCHRAD BALL FOOT HEAD w-CLIP CLEARANCE SCHRAD BALL HEAD w-CHECK VALVE CLEARANCE GASKET for UB-PBS,  AF-105, SCHRADER BRASS VALVE DEPRESSOR for UB-PBS, 105 SCHRADER ANGLE CHUCK, UB-PBS, AF-100-1 CAMEL VULCANIZING FLUID, 8oz ORM-D BRASS TIP for BLOW GUNS: AF-205AT REPLACEMENT RUBBER BLOW GUN TIP AMFLO ANGLE TIP BLOWGUN, RUBBER TIP AMFLO PENCIL SCHRADER GAUGE 120psi USA AMFLO FEMALE COUPLER, 1-4 NPT MALE THRD AMFLO FEMALE COUPLER, 1-4 NPT FML THRD AMFLO COMBO COUPLER, 1-4 NPT MALE THRD AMFLO MALE COUPLER, 1-4 NPT MALE THRD AMFLO MALE COUPLER, 1-4 NPT FEMALE THRD USED AKRO BIN LARGE YELLOW 8 1-4W USED AKRO BIN LARGE YELLOW 16 1-2W USED BIN DIVIDER for AK-250 14 L DISC 15mm  sub  GW-80491  or  KD-528115 ALLEN 16mm SOCK 3-8dr USA  CLEARANCE ALLEN 11mm COMBO WRENCH USA MADE 14mm COMB WRENCH sub WM-1214MSC USA EX HD 15mil LATEX MED 50-box EX HD 15mil LATEX XL 50-box BLACK NITRILE MECH GLOVES, LG 100-box BLACK NITRILE MECH GLOVES, MED 100-box BLACK NITRILE MECH GLOVES, XL 100-box BLACK NITRILE MECH GLOVES, XXL 100-box HOLLOW AXLE SET, M10x1x136mm 5 spd HOLLOW AXLE SET, M10x1x140mm 6 spd HOLLOW AXLE SET, M10x1x145mm 7 spd SOLID AXLE SET, M10x1x175mm HUB AXLE only, SOLID M10x1x175mm SOLID AXLE SET, 3-8x26x140mm HUB AXLE only, SOLID 3-8X26x140mm SOLID HUB AXLE SET,  3-8x26x165mm HUB AXLE only, SOLID  3-8x26x165mm SOLID AXLE SET, 3-8x26x175mm HUB AXLE only, SOLID 3-8x26x175mm SOLID AXLE SET, 5-16x26x140mm HUB AXLE only, SOLID 5-16x26x140mm HOLLOW AXLE SET, M9x1x108mm 9.3mm COTTER PINS, Pair QUICK RELEASE SPRINGS 10-Bag ALEX RIM 26 32H SV 21.8W DW RimBrk Blk ALEX RIM 26 32H SV 21.8W DW RimBrk Sil ALEX RIM 700C 32H PV 19.6W DW DE Black ALEX RIM 700C 32H PV 19W DW Silver ALEX RIM 26 32H PV 24W DW Disc Black ALEX RIM 27.5-650B 32H PV 24W DW Black BAHCO HOLESAW 11-16- 17mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 25-32- 20mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 3-4- 19mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 13-16- 21mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 7-8- 22mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 15-16- 24mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1- 25mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-1-16- 27mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-1-8- 29mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-3-6- 30mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-1-4- 32mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-5-16- 33mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-3-8- 35mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-7-16- 37mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-1-2- 38mm 4-6tpi BAHCO CARBIDE TEETH HS 1 9-16- 40mm BAHCO HOLESAW 1-9-16- 40mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-5-8- 41mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-11-16- 43mm BAHCO HOLESAW 1-3-4- 44mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-13-16- 46mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 1-7-8- 48mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HACKSAW 12 (SWEDEN) BAHCO ERGO PRO  HACKSAW 12 (SWEDEN) BAHCO HOLESAW 2- 51mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 2-1-16- 52mm 4-6tpi BAHCO HOLESAW 2-1-8- 54mm 4-6tpi BAHCO 18T 12 BI-METAL HACKSAW BLADE BAHCO 24T 12 BI-METAL HACKSAW BLADE BAHCO 32T 12 BI-METAL HACKSAW BLADE BONDHUS RED METRIC 10 HEX KEY BLOCK DELTA LOCKABLE BIKE HITCH BONDHUS 13 PC FRACTIONAL L SET ON SALE!